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Find just what you're looking for by choosing the right search terms is the key to finding the right images. You can get access to the right image from our galleries where images have been carefully and selectively categorised into Editorial, Commercial, Wildlife and Illustration categories for your usage.

Our site offers millions of images and hundreds are added every day. So how do you find just the right asset for your project? Use keywords e.g. happy, night, paris etc. You might have some idea of what you want, but can’t quite describe it. Or, you might know exactly what you want write down to us for right angle of shot. Either way, getting familiar with our keywords and expression will help you find the perfect images on

Quick Search in All Categories

Enter a keyword in the Search Box and Click on the Search Button. You can search for one or more keywords or an Image Number: NP42ED5E85.

Image grouping categories is different, and understanding how to use it effectively can be a real fun for you while browsing. You can do an All Categories Search by clicking on any subject or categories listed on the top every page on our Super Categories, the categories listed are Editorial, Commercial, Wildlife, Illustration. Even the Sub Categories are flashed on the left or right side when you refresh the browse for images side will change automatically.

Enter keywords which describe the theme of the image:
  • Substantives, which describe the main motive, for example “Mobile” or “House”.
  • Adjectives, for example “Smile”, “Pensive” or “Happy”.
  • Verbs, which describe the pictured action, for example “Laughing” or “Sleeping”.
Search Using Keywords
  • Enter words in either singular or plural form; both forms will be searched.
  • Try typing the any form of actions.
  • Use simple words. Use the infinitive from of verbs and use the singular for substantives.
  • Start your research with just one or two keywords. It is better to filter your search result or to add keywords and search in your results than to search for too many words at once.
  • Do not use whole sentences (“Images of a man with a dog”), but only keywords: “man”, “dog”
  • Use very general keywords (for example “bag” instead of “handbag”)
  • Further refine your search by applying Search Filters (Location, people in images, Orientation).
  • Check your misspellings or typos among your keywords
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If you are looking for nothing in particular, you may just browse through our different Super Categories and Sub Categories or just get some inspiration from our collections forever changeable, vibrant, young and totally personal.

Advanced Search Tips

In the search filter options. You can find advanced search tips Orientation, People in image, License Type and Image Type you have extended options to narrow down your search to get your right image. This option is right below the sub categories on the left and helps refine your search.

We’re inspired by the many ways you use our images. That’s why we’re making them easier than ever to find.

Your feedback has helped us develop several powerful search tools to support the unique ways you work. Give them a try. Find the one that works best for you.

Searching Similar Images by Selecting Multiple Keywords

Even the categories are flashed on the left or right side when you browse images. No matter how you've arrived at a page of thumbnail images, you can always Click on any Thumbnail to bring up the larger version of that image. This is named as “Image View Page”. This version of contains all the Keywords, Size, Pricing,Subscribe now, currency Calculator, Lightbox and Add to Cart associated with that image. You can select the image from “Images from Same Event” in that category.

Should you need further assistance finding the right image? You can reach us through our Contact Us or through Phone calls at +919619832427 & 9322215855, written correspondence sent to:

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