Photo Assignment Agreement

1. Use Requested

Multiple time use ( Repeatedly and Reprints); Exclusive & Non Exclusive, Print, Website, Promotion Right(s) in Multiple issue(s) or Webpage(s) of the Client. Model Release is a signed statement from the person or persons depicted in the Image, giving consent to his or her likeness to be used for commercial purposes as described in the statement.

2. Accept Or Reject

Napolstockimage may accept or reject any Images submitted to it in its sole and absolute discretion. An Image will become an Accepted Image when napolstockimage notifies the Photographer that it has been accepted into napolstockimage files.

3. Submissions And Acceptance Of Images

Photographer agrees not to supply to any Third Party any Image that is a duplicate or Similar to any Contributor’s Accepted Images.
Photographer shall provide valid Property or Model Releases for all Accepted Images depicting recognizable people, private property, or as required by napolstockimage.
Accepted Images at all times will be and shall remain the exclusive property of napolstockimage and shall retain copyright on its Images. The Images shall not be considered assets of Photographer.

4. Copyright & Ownership Right

“Lifetime”; refers to Images and Photographs ownership rights and copyrights rests with NEPL which shall decide on the use of Images/Transfer/Sell/Grant permission lifetime and transfers the Rights/Ownership to the heir of NEPL. Now from this Day: ------------- of the Month: ------, Year: -------. All Images and Photographs, Copyrights, Rights, Ownership rest Transferred in the name of NAPOL ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD , All Rights Reserved

Napolstockimage content including Text/Image/Graphics are copyrighted 2010-2020 by Napol Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.