Image Ownership Agreement

Part I:

This agreement grants NEPL an exclusive, transferable right to use and reproduce purchased images in the following ways, with Unlimited limitations set forth herein and in Part II of this Agreement:

  • On web sites, provided that Image is displayed at any resolution and pixels;
  • As toolbar skins, screensavers and mobile phone "wallpaper" for own personal, commercial use, for resale, download or distribution
  • As prints, posters (i.e. a hardcopy) and other reproductions for own personal, commercial use and display, for resale, download or distribution
  • As a painted reproduction, as a printed reproduction, on canvas or other material to be used as decoration and resold;
  • In coordination with opt-in email marketing. Images to be used in connection with solicited email - or linked from solicited email and Image may be reproduced or used exceed lifetime;
  • In eBooks, including multi seat license electronic textbooks, provided that the number of potential seat licenses or end users exceed lifetime; and
  • As advertising posters for use in promoting the sale of other products ( to promoting the sale of the prints, posters, etc. containing the Images), provided that such prints and/or posters and/or other reproductions combine words and an Image or Images and further provided that the print or manufacturing run(s) of such posters exceed lifetime.
Part II:

Use an Image other than as specified in Part I.

  • Except as expressly provided in Part I hereof, directly or indirectly copy or reproduce any Image (in whole or in part) unlimited times. May produce or otherwise create for resale or distribution, printed reproductions of any Image on canvas, paper, plastic or any other medium unless expressly permitted by this agreement.
  • Use or display any Image on websites or in connection with any service designed to sell or induce sales of "print on demand" products using or incorporating Image(s), including, by way of example only, postcards, mugs, t-shirts, posters, wallpaper, artwork and other items.
  • Resell, redistribute or transfer any Image except as specifically provided herein. Displaying any Image in any digital format or for any digital use at any resolution pixels,
  • Share an Image by providing access to such Image on shared disk drives, computer networks, intranets of any nature or otherwise.
  • The Photography images shall be distributed in any manner that competes with competitive Photography business. This includes, by way of illustration and not by way of limitation, displaying Images in any format (including thumbnails) for download on a website, offering Images for sale, or including Images in templates of any nature, including templates for websites, social networking websites (e.g., Twitter, Face book, etc.) documents, projects or otherwise for distribution and/or sale to third parties.
  • May create a digital or print greeting cards based on Photography Images - or use Images as the basis for any individual or collection of physical or digital objects which shall then be offered for sale. May sell or distribute items (e.g., mousepads, calendars, mugs, t-shirts, bookmarks, etc.) that incorporate Images.
  • Use an Image that contains recognizable images of people or subjects trademarked owned or copyrighted by third-parties for commercial purposes.
  • Use any Image (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof , or to otherwise endorse or imply the endorsement of any goods and/or services.
  • Use or display an Image in such a manner that gives the impression that the Image was created or a person other than the copyright holder of that Image.
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