Illustration Contributor Agreement

This Contributor’s Agreement (“Agreement”) is effective as of “Effective Date” between napolstockimage, a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Mumbai (“napolstockimage”) he and a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956/ a Private Limited firm represented by its NAPOL ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED and having its Office at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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When working with napolstockimage on illustration or design projects, establishing the terms of working together before the project begins protect both the interests of the Artist and the napolstockimage. A contract which clearly includes your Terms & Conditions is one of the most important documents you can set up for your illustration business.

1. napolstockimage acknowledges that Illustrator is first and sole owner of all Copyright and shall retain intellectual rights of all Illustration(s).

2. Payment in napolstockimage shall remit to the illustrator royalty of SIXTY PERCENT (60:40) of the Gross License Fees invoiced and reported to napolstockimage. for the licensing of Contributor’s Images by Third Parties and Representatives, less any taxes, or refunds. napolstockimage shall pay the royalties payable to the Contributor within 30 days of receipt of the License Fees. In case of any Non receipt of license fees by napolstockimage, the Contributor will be informed of the same.

3. Illustrator is entitled to use all Illustrations for self promotion purposes or to enter into any contest.

4. Reassigning of Rights to napolstockimage during portal tram authorized by the Illustrator.

5. No modifications, changes or alterations may be made to Illustrations or any part thereof, directly or indirectly, without Illustrators prior written consent.

6. Credit: napolstockimage agrees to include a credit to Illustrator in connection with the Work.

7. Illustrator’s Copies: For Business promotion any time napolstockimage can release Illustrator’s work to Electronics, Print Publication and Wire.

8. Terms become effective after the signing of the agreement. Payment commissioned to the Illustrator will be released directly to his/her mentioned bank account.

9. The license hereby granted to use the artwork is conditional, Illustrator receives the payment directly from napolstockimage to his/her bank account and no reproduction or publication rights are granted unless and until all sums due under this Agreement have been paid.


10. napolstockimage has implemented a system that, after the said amount is credited to the contributors account, he/she automatically can claim payment any time. Minimum amount credited corresponds to Rs. 10, 000/-.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Illustrator shall be entitled to use his/her Dashboard and he/she will receive USER ID (As your E-mail) and PASSWORD (Generated by yourself) from napolstockimage. This system has been fully automated with no human intervention and directly connected to your virtual sale of the Images on the net in live stream. Contributors provided with personal Dashboard featuring Image Thumbnails, List of Portfolio, Commission achieved, Sales achieved, Account information, Tax deduction and all these Detailed Information compiled in Excel Sheet.

11. In the event of cancellation, ownership of all rights granted under this Agreement shall revert to the Illustrator unless the artwork is based on the napolstockimage's visual or otherwise agreed.


12. The Illustrator shall use his best endeavors to deliver the artwork to the napolstockimage's by the agreed date and shall notify the napolstockimage's of any anticipated delay at the first opportunity, in which case the napolstockimage's may make time of the essence, and cancel the commission without payment in the event of the Illustrator falling to meet the agreed date.

Approval / Rejection

13. Should the artwork fail to satisfy, the napolstockimage may reject the artwork.

14. In the event of rejection, ownership of all rights granted under this Agreement shall revert to the Illustrator unless the artwork is based on the napolstockimage's visual or otherwise agreed.


15. If the napolstockimage changes the brief and requires subsequent changes, additions or variations, the Illustrator may require additional consideration for such work. The Illustrator may have not been refuse for the changes, additions or variations.


16. Except where artwork is based on reference material or visuals supplied by the Illustrator warrants that the artwork is original and does not infringe any existing copyright and further warrants that she/he has not used the artwork elsewhere.

Ownership Of Artwork

17. The Illustrator shall retain ownership of all artwork (including roughs and other materials) delivered to the napolstockimage.

18. The Illustrator's original artwork shall not be intentionally destroyed, damaged, altered, retouched, modified or changed in any way whatsoever without the consent of the Illustrator.

19. The napolstockimage will return all artwork to the Illustrator when trams are over and delivery in undamaged, unaltered and unreduced condition although the napolstockimage may make and retain transparencies to enable it to exploit the rights granted with the artwork.

20. If the artwork is lost or damaged at any time whilst in the napolstockimage's custody (which shall mean any time between delivery of artwork to the napolstockimage and its safe return to the Illustrator) the napolstockimage shall pay compensation to the Illustrator for the loss/damage of the artwork at a rate to be agreed or, in default of agreement, decided by the Illustrators and napolstockimage.

21. The napolstockimage shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damages arising from loss or damage to the artwork.

Credits / Moral Rights

22. The napolstockimage shall ensure the Illustrator is credited in any Editorial use of the artwork. Credits for Non Editorial use are not required unless so indicated on the front of the form.


23. All notices shall be sent to the illustrator and to the napolstockimage at the addresses stated in this agreement. Each party shall give written notification of any change of address to the other party prior to any such change.

Governing Law

24. These terms and conditions are governed by the law of India and may not be varied except by agreement in writing. The parties hereto submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian Courts, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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