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Gratitude for taking into consideration working with to represent some of your images. Here are some of the basics you should know about working with us.

Our Contributors are our Growth Assets, and we treat them as’s partner & Family Members. Submitting content couldn't be easier, as we precisely have the fastest submission system available. You can submit images directly by using FTP. There are no limits of size, so you can submit as many files as you like. We automatically will read the keyword information, don't require categories, but we require Event name and Photo Caption it will store in easy tagging for Commercial Images we required Model Releases. You can submit hundreds of images at once, without entering any additional information. Our approvals are super fast, so your images will approved the same day in our Portal for sale.

What is the Contributor Agreement document?

The Contributor Agreement document is an agreement between you and confirming the terms for the licensing and distribution of your images. To confirm that you agree with the terms, you sign and submit the agreement document online as the last step in the enrollment process. may accept or reject any images submitted to it in its sole and absolute carefulness. An image will become an accepted image when notifies the Contributor that it has been accepted into files. shall return unselected images within one day time after selection or we will inform through mail and delete the same from our end. Contributor acknowledges that over time some of the accepted images may become dated or found not be marketable. In this event, has the sole right to determine when any accepted image is not marketable, and shall return the image to the Contributor or destroy the file containing the image, as may deem fit.

What is stock photography ?

Stock photography is a collection or archive of images that can be licensed for use. It's a way for companies or individuals to obtain photographs without having to hire a photographer for a specific shoot.

What is Commercial use vs. Editorial use ?

Generally speaking, "commercial use" means a message intended to help sell a product, raise money or to promote something. An example would be an Advertising, Promotional, Marketing, Advertorial or Merchandising use. This is in contrast to an "Editorial use" intended to report a Newsworthy Event or illustrate a matter of general interest.

Contributor agrees not to supply to any Third Party images that is a duplicate or similar to any Contributor’s accepted images. Contributor shall provide valid Property or Model Releases for all accepted images depicting recognizable People, Private Property, or as required by

Contributor should provide us her Bank Account Number, IFSC Code Number, Swift Code Number, or she/he can provide us one Canceled Cheque from yourself so that YOUR share money can be transferred to your account through RTGS/NEFT/SWIFT smoothly without flowing up. portal has taken outmost care to transfer share money in contributors account with the maximuam10 day from the day, sale of images is transacted. Napolstockimage also made system you can download your monthly statement and transparent transaction in all the aspect of on your account. Right side of the home page CONTRIBUTOR’S LOGIN (DASEBOARD) for contributors. Contributors can see the status of full accountability in all characteristic from wherever you in the worldwide. will provide you UID & Password in your Inbox automatically.

Photo credit line, which is the name you want to display with your images please mention.

You can reach us through our Contact Us form or by phone calls at +91-9619832427 & 9322215855 .
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